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by digross, January 1, 1970

[[Image:14920-2.JPG|right|frame|Excavator at work at the mass grave near the al-Mahawil military base in Iraq (David I. Gross)]]
There are three possible funding sources: grants, organizations, and a publisher. I think we should go for all possibilities.

The ICRC could supply funding, legal research and consulting. They could also submit articles.

MSF could contribute articles and funding.

The support of the Crimes of War Foundation might aid finding funding. I would like to be able say our project will be the "on the ground" companion to ''Crimes of War.''

Here's an interesting possibility: [http://newassignment.wordpress.com/ NewAssignment.Net] got money from Craig Newmark and [http://www.sunlightfoundation.com The Sunlight Foundation].


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