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by digross, January 1, 1970

The following people have agreed to contribute to this project and to allow their names to be used in any proposals:

* Jon Lee Anderson [Haiti, crowds, poverty], ''Writer/Photographer''
* Edward Dean [military and private security/pmc]
* Victoria Fontan [terrorism, sex slavery], ''Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, United Nations-mandated University for Peace''
* David Gross [mass graves, forensics], ''Photographer''
* Daria Vaisman, ''Writer/Researcher''

Possible Contributers

''The following people could be useful participants in the project and should be contacted:''
* Forensics
** Bill Haglund
** Sue Black
** Stefan Schmitt
* Journalism and Photography
** David Rohde
** David Rieff
** Gilles Peress
** Eric Stover
**Carolyn Nordstrom

and so on…


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